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Muscle Dominator Super Carb+ is an original blend designed by Muscle Dominator to fuel your training sessions with clean carbohydrates. This carbohydrate mixture invigorates athletes, marathon runners, and weight trainers. Carbohydrates are a vital macronutrient that influence health and performance and should not be neglected. It is vital to receive your daily carbohydrate intake from healthy sources so that they can be properly transformed into energy units that keep your body energised during intense workouts. Muscle Dominator’s Carbohydrate Supplements contain numerous forms of carbs that provide sufficient nutrition to keep your body energised throughout the day. It is the ideal companion for intensive workout sessions.

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Muscle Dominator Carb+ Chocolate Flavour is a blend of superior forms of carbohydrates including Maltodextrin. During intense workouts or long runs, the energy-providing carbohydrates in our body deplete and might disturb the metabolism thus this Carbs Blend is developed to provide the required amount of carbohydrates for brimming energy levels. Powerful Carbs+ can be consumed either in-between workouts for instant energy or post-workout to support muscle recovery. The consumption of this supplement keeps the metabolism and blood glucose level in check to prevent the depletion of glycogen, a long-chain version of glucose stored in muscles and liver. The supplement supports the fast recovery of muscles post-workout. It also boosts the synthesis of new muscles as it creates an insulin spike. Made using 100% vegetable and plant extracts, this supplement is suitable for everyone including vegetarians and vegans.


  • MuscleDominator Carb+ 6.6 lbs is carbohydrates releasing supplement and provides instant energy to balance the blood glucose levels
  • This Carb+ Blend prevents ‘Hitting the Wall’ situation, usually occurs when the glycogen, a long chain glucose stored in liver depletes
  • Contains quality sources of carbohydrates, superior than sugar, to support quick muscle recovery
  • The refreshing supplements can be taken in-between workout or post workout to keep the energy levels brimming
  • Developed to aid in quick recovery and to balance the blood glucose levels in fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and marathon runners
  • 46 gm carbs per serving.
  • Load to energize.
  • Enhance muscular function.


  • 381 Energy
  • 92g Carbohydrates
  • 0g Protein

Other Features:

  • Stamina
  • Energy
  • Body building

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Chocolate, Cream & Cookies, Kulfi






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